Eco PER Yoga Towel-Eco Per Bamboo Yoga Towel

Eco Per Bamboo Yoga Towel
PER Anti-Slip Mesh Product Specifications/Features :

~ Non slip surface that will safely stay put so you can perform a variety of poses and positions. The anti-stretch construction.

~ This is eco environment friendly non-slip mat
made with PER material.

~ Eco Per material can be degraded by natural oxygen decomposition.

~ PER has unequaled non-slip performance, which is better than other mat of the same kind.

~ Skin safety.

~ USA "FDA" standard required.

~ Washable
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The latest new development by LANSONG and US PATENT PROTECTED. This unique super deluxe slip free Mat-Towel combination, bonds our eco-safe/friendly 5mm per yoga mat with our lush, ultra absorbent slip free microfiber towel. You will experience no more slipping and no more need for a bunched-up expensive skidless towel moving around on the floor. 5mm~6.5mm thickness and 72" length is ideal for your safety and comfort. Easy to care for and machine washable with no odor. You will have the best of both worlds all wrapped up into one product.



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