History Of Lan Song Industrial Co.,Ltd.


The Company was established in June 1979, collaborated the active elites of petrochemical and management.At the beginning of the production : Pile, Flocking, PVC shoe materials ( PVC VIUA Leather & Mesh )


Began to develop the Non-Slip type of products , Basic on the PVC materials


In this year the development research group began to study the intention natural environmental products .


PVC FREE non-slip of raw materials developed successfully,and succeeded in securing patent.


PVC FREE non-slip products start on the market.


Research on the PVC Free materials , And the environmental testing laboratory approved reports by the end of the year,Named PER ,have the multi-country trademarks and patents.


PER products on the Market, Entering Japanese and European market .


PER materials has passed and reached the OEKO-TEX authenticated environmental and health standardized testings .


PER passed the "FDA" USA standard requirements ,test by SGS.


PVC free official named NER ,have the multi-country trademarks and patents..


NER materials has passed and reached all of the environmental and health standardized testings.


PER/NER passed the Biodegradation testing -ISO14855 & ASTM D6400.


Successful development of natural Gelatin non-slip product.


The success of the microfiber fabric combined with yoga mats ,subversion tradition brand-new product : PER Microfiber towel yoga mat.