Copyright reminder from LANSONG Company

A kind reminder from LANSONG Company


PER® Yoga mat and PER® Anti-slip mesh products are 100% made in Taiwan.

From product development till sales, Lansong have never ever authorized any company in Chinaor any others area. If you are currently buying / distributing those PER® products from China, It is absolutely patent right infringement ,and those bootlegged PER® products probably are affecting you and your customers health, impairing customers rights in general market.


       LANSONG company since 1992, we have successes acquired PER® trade mark and related products in following countries: Taiwan, Untied States, Germany, Japan, China. Kindly purchase from TAIWAN LANSONG company - PER® products ,and TAIWAN LANSONG company Eco products to protect you and your customer rights and health!


Thank you.

Lan Song Industrial Co.,Ltd.  2013,06,07



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